Just One More Slice


on one of many adventures when I saw a neat little place that sells slices of pizza and other appetizers. 

What looked like an interesting conversation about something really cool - or so I thought, turned out to be someone asking for another slice of pizza.  

Still, in my mind they were having a deep conversation about some kind of life altering new technology that’s going to take the world by storm. 

Happg Wandering! 

A Little Light on Light


While staying in a what I assume to be a small town called Plymouth in Minnesota, I was walking back from a restaurant across the street from my hotel and was admiring the glowing pink clouds splashed across a violet toned sky, when a rabbit caught my attention. 

As I was looking at the rabbit, the service station lights turned on and image of natural light making way for artificial light spoke to my eyes. 

Thankfully I always have my handy Fujifilm X100F with me.  

Samar and Anika | A Summer To Remember

I had the pleasure of catching Samar and Anika together for a couples portrait session. Their story starts in High School and is continuing to this day. Going into this shoot, I had some things in mind that I wanted to do specifically but once we started shooting everything just fell into place on its own. 

These two are amazing to see together and watching them leaves no shadows of doubt that true love is written in the stars and cosmos. 

Shack Island | Nanaimo, BC


I was in Nanaimo a few weeks back and was on google looking at places to shoot, shack island turned up. Coincidentally it was next to a place called Pipers Lagoon which the nice lady at the car rental place told me about.  

As I ventured through I and took photos, I quickly began to learn about tides and how fast they come in. We'll have to save that story for another post. 

Enjoy the photo!  

Reza and Aida | E-Session

I had the pleasure of shooting Reza's surprise proposal to Aida back in December, and what a reaction we got...tears of joy and lots of love and laughter from all the family. Watching the two of them together was another story, they are so into each other that it was no problem catching them with this shoot we did in downtown Winnipeg. Forget directing, it felt as though I was watching a film on Netflix...live. 

Ravi and Pardeep | Little Expectations

Ravi is a die hard Winnipegger  - although he did seem to find it a little cold without his coat on. Pardeep is from Alberta but she hung in there - a little more than an Albertan could.

And they couldn't be more excited on the arrival of their newborn surprise, and I couldn't be more excited to be a part of their moments. The chemistry and constant attention between these two love birds was so amazing to witness. They couldn't stop smiling or looking at one another. And they were super brave to tough it out and shoot when it was -35 out at the Forks.  

Thank you guys for letting me in on your day. 

Simi and Arinder | The Wedding

Well, it's here. After a short while let me introduce you to Simi and Arinder. What a fantastic couple indeed. The look in their eyes makes everything around them disappear, even me - and that's a good thing. 

A beautiful Wedding filled with festivities and visitors from all over the globe attended. Arinder's family is from Birmingham, England and Simi's a local Winnipeger with family from out west. The laughter and love shared by everyone was a great beginning to a new life. 

Enjoy the day.


Good Morning Everyone! 

We're into a new month and what a month it is. Filled with excitement over the upcoming holidays and time spent with your precious families. 

Lucky Chahal Photography will be launching a special this month on In-Home moments during family gatherings and dinners. There's nothing like memories candidly captured of the fun, excitement and amazing laughter. 

Also this month we are working out plans for some big things coming up in the new year geared towards you, the clients and fellow photographers. 

Hope you all have an amazingly special week ahead. 

London | a preview

Here's a quick peak of some of the shots I've been taking around central London.  

i wanted to focus on what I used to love (and still do) by shooting street, and shooting only black and white.  

I've been here for a couple of weeks and am rounding off my trip and preparing to come home to beautiful Canada.  

Hope you enjoy the photos, they are straight out of the camera and unedited.  



Mohie | The Family Shoot

Here it is, the continuation from the outtake. The Mohie family session from St. Vital Park in sunny Winnipeg. We had a lovely time taking a stroll and shooting. To see the love between a family and experience their magic is truly a blessing, and being witness to the interaction and banter makes moments like these come to life. 

Hope you enjoy as much as I do. 

Puppy | First Day Home

This little guys name is Hummer. He's was such a little, timid pup that quickly found his way under a chair that he made home during our shoot. He was in new surroundings as this was his first day home after a long journey.

Welcome home Hummer.

David and Anita | Airport Connection

David proposed to Anita at Richardson Airport here in Winnipeg. He was taking Anita out to dinner and told her he needed to stop in to work (at the airport) and quickly do something work related. Anita patiently sat and waited in arrivals as people from a flight were collecting their bags. David then came down the escalator, flowers in hand and among the remaining arrivals, took to one knee and asked Anita if she would marry him. Surrounded by the "awe" of the passengers, she said yes. Cue the applause, and they started their magical journey.